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Daily Special in action!

Plain Plate of Noodles (from John Mulaney and The Sack Lunch Bunch), BHS International 2023

I Found A Way (From Drake and Josh)

It's You I Like (from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood), BHS International 2019

Daily Special's repertoire also includes:

“My Life Is Better With You” (theme from My Brother, My Brother, and Me) -- a high-energy, uptempo show opener

"If Moon Was Cookie" (from Sesame Street) -- a hilarious yet introspective take on "be careful what you wish for"

"The Maladjusted Jester" (from The Court Jester) -- a comedic solo sung by Daily Special's tenor, Isaac

"This Frog" (from The Muppet Show) -- Ben's dramatic solo about following dreams... as a frog

“You’ve Got a Friend” (by Carole King) -- a midtempo song about friendship through hard times

And much more!

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